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Opinion of SimpliSafe vs. Ring for Home Security

⚡️ Opinion: SimpliSafe is terrible. I've moved to Ring.

Here's why:

1. SimpliSafe cameras are plug-in only with no back-up battery. It does not feel very dependable if an unwanted visitor could unplug the camera. Ring has battery, plug-in, or solar-powered camera options.

2. My SimpliSafe camera continues to fail. I believe this is because my internet is too fast!

3. I didn't get any alerts that my camera was failing, even though I am supposedly set up to receive text alerts for any system errors.

4. SimpliSafe's siren via the base station is laughably quiet for an alarm siren. Ring's sirens are 100+ decibels and are emitted from the base station as well as cameras.

5. SimpliSafe smart doorbells only work if you have an existing doorbell. Ring has smart doorbells that don't require this.

6. SimpliSafe requires you to pay for the enhanced monitoring ($25/month) in order to control your system remotely or view live camera feeds. Ring offers this for free on all systems, and their enhanced monitoring subscription (if you want 24/7 monitoring and other features) is only $10/month.

In conclusion, with SimpliSafe, I felt simpli unsafe. I'm feeling confident that I will feel much better with Ring!

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