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  • Elisabeth Ellingson

Why I Chose a Career in Real Estate

It’s not anything out of the ordinary that my parents divorced when I was young. And you may wonder what that has to do with my being a Real Estate Broker, but the truth is, it has a lot to do with it.

When one home became two, moving into a new house was a fresh start. And we had a lot of fresh starts. Every few years at least one parent would move into a new house. The opportunity to create a new life, to feel the warmth of a new home, and to have a new beginning, is something magical. And the life you can design and sustain for yourself in a home that you own and love is irreplaceable.

I remember house shopping with my mom very vividly. The smell of new carpeting and freshly painted white walls. Spotless kitchens and images in my head of the lovely family dinners that would play out in our new dining room. Freshly-cut grass and blooming flowers. A nice lady showing us around, unbeknownst to me that I would one day become one of those nice ladies.

A squeaky clean bathroom where my bath toys would soon join me in a tub of bubbles. The stairs I could run up, two at a time, to the master bedroom where my mom would be. The elegance of crown molding. The mystery of an attic. The thought of picking apples from the tree in the backyard. We were finding our home. Our safe place.

Once we found our home, our new lives began. I would bargain with my older brother for the bedroom that I wanted and, once settled, dream boldly about how my new life in my new home would be. Nothing was impossible. I had control over my space and felt the stability and security of living in a house throughout my life. There is so much beauty in a home. And there is power in owning that home.

Now I own my own home and there is little as empowering to me as owning my house. I am so grateful to have a career that enables me to empower others, provide security, and allow people to create the life that they dream.


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